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Our offer covers a diversified programme for numerous solution of products from fluid and vacuum pumps to displacement pumps.

In our programme fluid pumps we present you amongst others:

pump denomination application area
chemistry standard horizontal spiral casing pump according to ISO 2858/EN 22858 Delivery to 650 m³/h
delivery height to 1.900m
Industry-water standard horizontal spiral casing pump according to EN 733/ ISO 5199/EN 25199 Delivery to 3.500 m³/h
delivery height to 1140 m
Heat transfer medium Horizontal and vertical spiral casing pump for hot media (water and oil) Delivery to 1.000 m³/h
delivery height to 95 m
By-pass channel Horizontal, vertical, self-priming and gas transporting by-pass channel pumps Delivery to 35 m³/h
delivery height to 354 m
High pressure Horizontal, vertical,multistage Gliedergehäusepumpen according to ISO 5199 / EN 25199 Delivery to 450 m³/h
delivery height to 1.600 m
Hygienic fluid Horizontal, one-level spiral casing pump for beverage industry Delivery to 200 m³/h
delivery height to 85 m
Submersible motor Clear water pump Delivery from 0,2 to 22 l/s
delivery height from 12 to 360 m
Submersible motor Drain water pump Delivery to 42 m³/h
delivery height to 21 m
Wastewater Wastewater disposal and treatment delivery from 0 to 13,5 l/s delivery height from 1 to 100 m

In our programme vacuum pumps we present you amongst others :

  • one-level vacuum pumps with
  • circulatory to 10.700m³/h, pressure range 120 – 1013 mbar
  • double-stage vacuum pumps with
  • circulatory to 10.350m³/h, pressure range 33 - 1013 mbar
  • vacuum pumps in block construction
  • circulatory to 450m³/h, pressure range 33 - 1013mbar
  • gas burner in addition with pump programmes mentioned before
  • for pressure ranges 8 - 80mbar, respectively 4 - 80 mbar